Common Faults

By far the most common fault is a Failed Element. For some reason fan assisted elements do  not seem as robust as the conventional type. Usually this is a very straightforward repair and one of our most common callouts. Sometimes when an element blows it can have a knock-on effect and short out the oven thermostat. Luckily this is relatively uncommon but does happen now and again. With this scenario both parts would need replacing.

On occasions, a customer calls and states that the oven takes a long time to heat up. 
This could be a fault with any of the following:

Main Fan Motor failing - running too slow or not at all. 

One Element
of two failed leaving only one working on Conventional Oven (not fan assisted).

Faulty Main Oven Thermostat. Often preceded by unreliable cooking results. 

Other Common Faults are:

Oven Cuts Out at a certain temperature then resets itself after about 20 minutes. This is often due to faulty Overheat Themostat or Cooling Fan.

Oven Not Switching On
. The most simple fix and one customer should always check first. Make sure oven Timer is not set for Automatic operation. Oven will not come on manually on this setting. This often happens when power supply to oven is interupted and clock will default to automatic operation.






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