Why Choose Us ?



Having been established since 1976 we pride ourselves on the valuable reputation we have built up for the quality/work which we undertake. 

Many times a customer calls to have their oven/cooker fixed only to be informed that the problem lies with the circuit feeding oven instead and not the oven. This often leads to a call out fee and problem not fixed. We are fully qualified Electricians so are able to rectify these faults as well. 

Also, to make you feel more secure - If we don't fix - We don't charge.

We believe our charges to be fair. Very occasionally we can't fix problem because sometimes parts are hard to source or are obsolete. If this is the case we will advise customer and there will be no charge.


Landlords, Letting & Estate Agents


We look after the electrical work for a large number of landlords, letting and estate agents. We know that the last thing a landlord wants is an unhappy tenant, so with this in mind, we understand that a same/next day service would is ideal. Over the years we know that we have been gladly relied upon and trusted, often saving a lot of potential aggravation for both tenants and landlords!



We also undertake Electrical Installations, please see our sister site - www.rh-electrical.co.uk (click here)